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Suggested guideline trademark charges in Namibia - 2002

FILING CHARGES (excluding official fees)
1. Preparation and filing of Namibian trade mark application, including Normal prosecution, (such as attending on Advertisement of acceptance in Government Gazette, registration of trade mark and dispatch of Registration Certificate), but excluding preparation of representations, attending to International Classification and the late filing of documents, and also excluding copying of documents, attending to official actions, facsimiles and correspondence, recordal of registered users, changes in title or address, etc. should these arise and excluding official fees and disbursements.
N$ 1600,00
2. Where more than one trade mark application is lodged in the same name; and
2.1 the same trade mark is filed simultaneously in different classes; or
Different trade marks are filed simultaneously in the same class,
For each of the 2nd and each additional application up to and including the 5th
N$ 1350,00
For each of the 6th and each additional trade mark application
N$ 1100,00
3. 3. Additional charge for non-routine classification of goods / services Or furnishing opinion or advice in regard thereto
N$ 300,00

4. Further additional charges may arise if we are to attend to the furnishing of an opinion, the drafting of affidavits and written or oral representations and the translation and/or certification of documents.

These charges will depend on the expense incurred or the amount of work involved.

5. Charge for searching - up to ½ hour
N$ 500,00
- for each succeeding ½ hour
N$ 350,00
RENEWAL CHARGES (excluding official fees)
6. Renewal of mark in one class, excluding reclassification:  
6.1 For the first registration
N$ 760,00
6.2 For each additional registration having the same renewal date
N$ 650,00
7. Bulk renewal: each registration
7.1 For the first to sixth registrations
N$ 650,00
7.2 For the 7th registration and more
N$ 550,00

Provided that:

Where the existing address for service and instructions are received at least 6 months prior to the expiry date.

The instructions relate to at least 6 trade marks and are accompanied by an appropriate payment such as cheque or bank draft.

8. Payment of fine for overdue renewal within one month of expiry.
N$ 220,00
9. Reclassification
N$ 110,00
10. Application for restoration of lapsed registration, but excluding preparation or perusal of statement of case, evidence, attending hearing or payment of outstanding renewal fees under items 6.1 or 6.2:
10.1 For the first registration
N$ 325,00
10.2 Each additional registration
N$ 250,00
11. Agreeing to association
N$ 175,00
12. Endorsing disclaimer or admission
N$ 300,00
13. Correcting error or amending application

N$ 270,00

14. Attending oral hearing before the Registrar per ½ hour
N$ 400,00
15. Extension of prosecution term
N$ 110,00
16.1 For the first registration (excluding drafting evidence of title)
N$ 800,00
16.2 Each additional registration at the same time (up to the 10th)

N$ 350,00

16.3 For the 11th and each further registration at the same time
N$ 220,00
Application to record registered user for:-
17.1 First registration
N$ 750,00
17.2 Each additional registration at the same time (up to the 10th)
N$ 330,00
17.3 For the 11th and each further registration at the same time
N$ 220,00
18. Amendment of trade mark registration
N$ 650,00
19. Cancellation of registration
N$ 275,00
20. Amendment of specification against one registration
N$ 330,00
21. Change of name of applicant, proprietor or registered user
N$ 275,00
22. Change of address of applicant, proprietor or registered user
N$ 100,00
23. Obtaining certificate from Registrar

N$ 165,00

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