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The LSN has a number of objectives articulated in section 41 of the Legal Practitioners Act, 1995. The objectives include:

  • To maintain and enhance the standards of conduct and integrity of all members of the legal profession;
  • To present the view of the legal profession;
  • To further the development of law as an instrument of social engineering and social justice;
  • To encourage and promote efficiency in and responsibility in relation to the profession;
  • To promote the education of lawyers at all stages and levels, with particular emphasis on the broadening of such education;
  • To make recommendations to interested parties in relation to the training of lawyers;
  • To define and enforce correct and uniform practice and discipline among members;
  • To give all necessary assistance to the effective implementation of any legal aid scheme established and governed under any law;
  • To promote social intercourse among members;
  • To consider and deal with all matters affecting the professional interest of members;
  • To cooperate with the representative bodies of other professional bodies;
  • To promote applied research in the development of the law and participate in the reform of law by the Government and other agencies;
  • To seek the enhancement of the rule of law and promote the protection of Human Rights; and
  • To represent, protect and assist members with regards to their conditions of practice and related matters
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