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LSN COUNCIL 2017 - 2018

The Council of the LSN for the term December 2017 until November 2018 is:

Meyer van den Berg (Chairperson), Saima Nambinga (Vice-Chairperson), Ramon Maasdorp, Eldorette Harmse and for the first time elected for a two-year term: Stacey Bock, Vanessa Boesak, Gilroy Kasper and Appolos Shimakeleni.

council 2017 2018


Stacey Bock, Vanessa Boesak, Ramon Maasdorp, Appolos Shimakeleni, Gilroy Kasper,
Meyer van den
Berg (Chairperson) & Saima Nambinga (Vice-Chairperson).
Insert: Eldorette Harmse.
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