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How to be admitted as a Legal Practitioner

The prerequisites for admission to practice as a legal practitioner in Namibia are detailed in the provisions of the Legal Practitioners Act, 15 of 1995, as amended. A candidate desirous of admission must satisfy the High Court on application that he or she is:

  • a fit and proper person to be admitted;
  • duly qualified; and
  • a Namibian citizen, a permanent resident, ordinary resident or a holder of an employment permit for the purpose of employment by Government.

A candidate is regarded as being duly qualified is he or she:

  • was conferred a degree in law from the University of Namibia or an equivalent qualification in law from another recognized university; and
  • has been issued with a certificate from the Board for Legal Education confirming that he or she has
    1. satisfactorily undergone practical training; and
    2. passed the Legal Practitioners’ Qualifying Examination.

In regard to the latter requirements of having passed the LPQE and the requirement of practical legal training, the Act prescribes that a candidate must, subject to limited exceptions, attend a one-year prescribed postgraduate studies offered at the Justice Training Centre of the Faculty of Law at the University of Namibia’s Windhoek campus ( The postgraduate studies culminate in the LPQE. In addition the candidate must be attached to a legal practitioner for the purpose of practical legal training for the full period of postgraduate studies, or if he or she has previously passed the LPQE, for a period not less than six months.

In terms of the Act it is a criminal offence for any person other than an admitted legal practitioner to practice or in any manner hold him /her out as or pretend to be a legal practitioner.
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